racquel lily

Raquel Lily – Mary

In Other by Ryan Brown

Neurobiologist, video game enthusiast, multimedia vlogger and dope R&B singer/guitarist Raquel Lily blesses us with her new soulful performance on the track Mary. Hailing from the Philippines, Lily was raised in New York and currently resides in Atlanta.

‘Mary’ is a musical and personal statement from the artist stating ‘I wrote this song while coming to terms with my own sexuality. The chorus is about my liberation on that front, and how I don’t need to be ashamed of who I choose to love’.

Raquel’s sweet yet bold vocal style is the driving force in this track along with exploring amazing, sexy instrumentation performances that will captivate any music lover. When asked about the brilliant tack, Raquel responded ‘Mary is my life blood, I poured my soul into it’. Great words from this dedicated artist.

Stream via Spotify and check it out via YouTube.