Rap Round up week commencing 26 March

In Hip Hop by Chris White

Tree Thomas – Never Rains Feat. Iman Europe and Mistah FAB

Fresh out of California is this diverse sounding track which brings a really dope vibe from start to finish!  Nice range of melodies and it’s great how the the three rappers work so well together. If you’re after a feel good vibe and nice soulful delivery on the hook hit play!


Neko Savvy & Icon South – Ciao

Neko Savvy brings some cold flow patterns and  fresh sounding production!! You can catch this on their upcoming project ‘Premier’. Wavy video and nice styling to add an extra layer of sauce to the track.

Luke LaShea – On the Low

An old school meets new, East coast meets West kind of vibe on this fresh song from the rapper born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles. The wavey production works well with the vocal style and features a story about a situation faced by many. Nice flow patterns and dope lyrics too!

Egypt – Don’t Want It

Boston born rapper Egypt spits hard over a lively DeCicco beat in his new track ‘Don’t Want It’. The track documents his struggle to be where he is now, and takes shots at all those that have given up along the way.

King Ry – Therapy 1

King Ry continues to kill with his smooth bars in his track ‘Therapy 1’. Over a lo-fi style beat it is an emotional insight into his thoughts and lyrics like ‘sacrifice guaranteed money for passion’ show us his mind-set as an artist.