Quentin Hiatus – Passive Boycott EP

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Quentin Hiatus – Passive Boycott EP

Prolific Arizona-based producer Quentin Hiatus is no stranger to pushing the envelope. Seeing genre boundaries exclusively as things to be burned through, he has a back-catalogue of releases which twist elements of hip-hop, house, neo-soul and future funk into a form of drum & bass all his own. You won’t find him trawling SoundCloud for drum & bass inspiration, though, as he rarely listens to the genre into which his music falls – and, through his boundless creativity, it shows.

The boss of Free Love Digi – who recently released Thomas B’s ‘Sugar and Spice’ EP – is back with four tracks on Translation Recordings.


In the murky depths of off-kilter opener ‘Passive Boycott’ lurks a chugging, diving sub which forms the foundation upon which shuffling hats and fidgety percussion build to create a paranoid track in which each carefully-placed synth incision makes for a minor release of the tension ramped up by the constant duelling of chopped vocal samples and a minimal synth line. All the while, innocent pads swoop overhead.

On ‘Obsessive Nature’ Quentin flexes his rhythmic muscle to craft a tribal stomper with an insistent drum line as its hook, giving the track a fascinating primal energy. Foreboding pads and moody FX widen things out in the top end while great swells of sub bass anchor things down low.


After the resounding opening one-two, the tempo dips to 160bpm on ‘Under It All’, the least intimidating cut on the EP as a warm, full synth is allowed to develop. That said, the trademark thunderous, rolling drums are still present and correct, as are instances of crunchy bass which give the track something of a split identity.

The record closes with the inescapable swagger of ‘Keep It Gangster’, which repurposes hip-hop grooves to prop up a futuristic half-time stomper. Opened out by fleeting fills and spacious ambiance, a shady bassline lopes through the track, draping itself across the drums for a propulsive feel which revisits the minor-key unease.

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