Preview: ‘The Coup’ playing at London Goldsmiths Student Union 29 October

In Hip Hop by Katie Allen

Hiphop trio ‘The Coup’ are performing at London Goldsmiths Student Union Monday 29th October, in conjunction with celebrating ‘Black History Month’- involving “Love Music Hate Racism”.

Their frontman / lead singer Boots Riley is a remarkable activist within the ‘Occupy Movement’, hailing from Oakland, CA. As Vibe Magazine’s “Ten Most Influential People” voted by a calibre of renowned musicians on the circuit; the veteran although very current rapper uses music to creatively express a diverse variety of worldly issues. They protest against political and social injustice, while their lyrics are deeply criticising police brutality, racism, capitalism and patriarchal exploitation.

Their experimental new album ‘Sorry To Bother You’ from Anti Records combines jumpy fused beats, punk undertones whilst in addition shewd, observant and witty social commentary constructing an extremely radical and futuristic but awesome sound! Furthermore, the record features main guest appearances by the enigmatic Vernon Reid, Anti-Flag, Das Racist, Killer Mike, Jolie Holland, and Joe Henry. 

“The opening track, ‘Magic Clap,’ mirrors the album itself — an exploration of mid-Seventies punk with smooth Motown roots and a hip hop beat.” – THE HUFFINGTON POST

“The Coup’s biting political lyrics have long raised eyebrows but on ‘The Magic Clap,’ the rap group gives a more lighthearted take on FBI interrogation.” – ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

“When Boots speaks, the choir is listening, and it lends his voice the confident coolness that only comes when one feels strength in numbers.”- PITCHFORK