Whats love, frshrz

Premiere: FRSHRZ drop visual for ‘Whats Love?’ on Valentines Day

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

A powerful new single, timed for release on Valentine’s Day from the London based trio consisting of Skandouz, Artcha and Dray Styles. ‘What’s Love?’ features some dope production that blends elements of 90s hip hop with some super emotional vibes to set the mood. Biggie fans will recognize how the hook incorporates elements of his classic ‘What’s Beef ‘ but with a different theme.

As well as their in house producer Juke 84 on the beat, singer Keesha Simpson is on the hook too. This is the latest track off their critically acclaimed ‘FRSHRZ EP’ which came out last year on their Club FRSHRZ label.

Watch the video here, and stream/cop on your favourite streaming platform here https://lnk.to/whatslove