Premier: Torcha – Panic Room

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

We’re proud to premier ‘Panic Room’ this new single from London rapper Torcha, which shows a good level of honesty and a willingness to improve as a person. Speaking on the context of the song, Torcha explains “This song is inspired by real life events that affected my life. It is about anxiety and depression and the aim of this song is to bring some awareness to mental health while also using my real life experiences to tell the story.” 
In the current trend of rap which is more about egotistical content, this song showed a level of depth and humility. Mental health is a common issue among young men and this song provides some comfort and help for those suffering “I use both my lyricism and passion within the music to express how I have been feeling. Although the song is about a touchy subject, it is also very inspiring and the aim is motivate the listeners to overcome their problems.”