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Premier: Kyle Rapps – Dark Hour

In Hip Hop by Brian Knockin

Very witty, very fun, super real… when hip-hop breathes you just have to sit back and inhale it! This is “The Dark Hour” by Mexico-City by way of Harlem rapper, Kyle Rapps, who has collab’d with the likes of Action Bronson and Murs. In this new single premiered on Blatantly Blunt, Kyle is coming full of punchlines, high powered cadence, plus the Martin Luther King Jr sample to drive this track to high levels.

“My clearest feelings about what I’m trying to say in this song is that I’m horny, I miss New York, f*ck the police, and I hate the president. Production wise I’m just trying to make post-apocalyptic sh*t that slaps. If Dr. King were alive today I hope he’d f*ck wit it.”  Kyle states on the “Dark Hour” in which will be some of the first things that come to mind upon listening to this song for the first couple of times. Articulate and deeply rooted in the hip-hop culture listen download and enjoy Kyle Rapps “The Dark Hour” exclusively here…