same old me, dabbla

Premier: Dabbla unveils the 10th single from Death Moves with video for ‘Same Old Me’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Potent Funk Records unveil the visual for ‘Same old Me’, produced by the mighty Hashfinger, and directed by SpinCity, lifted from Dabbla‘s second solo LP Death Moves which is out now.

“I’ve dug deep and it’s cut deep but it’s all kinetic, we don’t deal with materialism or cosmetics, it’s like the Gods they ain’t happy it’s getting awfully epic, these little d*ckheads are slipping and looking more pathetic…”

For the 10th single from his Death Moves album, Dabbla delivers a healthy dose of brutally honest poetry fused with a candid sense of self deprecating dark humour. The menacing production works as a crispy base as the UK veteran sprinkles his spicy ingredients to prove why he’s one of the realest out.

Stream ‘Same Old Me’ here, and check below for a video of Dabbla performing the song live on our Pyro Radio show