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Premier: C.A.M. links up with Parallax for ‘Twin Beacons’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

For the second video of his debut project ‘The First Move EP’, East London based emcee C.A.M. has linked up with Parallax and jumped on this solid production from Wickstarr to provide even further evidence how he’s a name you need to know about when it comes to delivering that thought provoking, boom bap hip hop.

CAM, who describes how “the concept of the track was bringing light and wisdom to the rap game” has taken a full steam approach into the game, and aims to provide something that the listener can grow from. “While a lot of artists glamorise a dark interest in soul destroying drugs and lifestyles in general, we are like two beacons in the night guiding the younger more suggestible fans of hip hop towards it’s brighter more intelligent side

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Watch the video here and play the EP in full below –

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