pook hustle

Pook Hustle drops two-track project ‘Deadass: Word is Bond’

In Hip Hop by Harry Martin


Pook Hustle‘s ‘Deadass: Word is Bond’ features the tracks ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’ and ‘Black Superhero Complex’. The duo of tracks showcases the Brooklyn-born rapper’s talent for psychedelic and otherworldly melodies, providing a trippy back mix for his immense lyrics that rip through the two songs.

Speaking on the tracks, Hustle reflects how ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’  is “pretty self-explanatory. Many of us play it off but Capitalism takes a serious toll on the working class. Exchanging most of your time & energy for crumbs is never an even exchange.” Detailing the powerful message the song carries. ‘Black Superhero Complex’ deals with “the pressure that I & many black people have to break generational curses in our families. I want my brothers & sisters to know I understand them. Don’t forget to balance your grind. In the process of trying to take care of everyone, take care of yourself. Physically, mentally & spiritually.”

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