Sponsored: Drone Football – Pepsi Max #LiveForNow

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Sponsored: Drone Football – Pepsi Max #LiveForNow

Football is one of the oldest and greatest sports in the history of man kind – it transcends cultures, demographics, wealth and geography. From the rural villages of Africa to the favelas of Brazil to the multi million dollar sports arenas across the world, the game can be played anywhere. All you need is a ball! So how can the game be brought in line with the technological developments of 2015, without losing it’s essence?

This might just the best example of how it can be done! Set in a local five a side pitch in Barcelona, Pepsi Max surprise a group of footballers during their evening kick about. Illuminated drone technology is used to deliver a ball to their pitch, which marks the beginning of quite possibly the most futuristic example of ‘the beautiful game’!

Not only that, but the dream weavers at Pepsi Max have also brought in ‘advanced projection technology’ to incorporate over 30,000 LED lights to make this a vision of a not too distant future to create a football experience that wasn’t even predicted in the likes of Back to the Future (and that’s saying a lot!)


Not only is this exhibition a real treat for football and technological fans alike, but when you see the players’ reactions to what’s being unveiled in front of their eyes you will get an understanding of just how awesome this clip is!

What other sports or even musical events do you think this kind of thing would be best applied to next? Leave your thoughts via Pepsi’s twitter page below, using the hashtag #LiveForNow!!!

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