Pepsi Max and Noisey present 48 Hour Mixtape – Episode 2 – Dave Murkage

In Grime by Nick Russell

Pepsi Max and Noisey present 48 Hour Mixtape – Episode 2 – Dave Murkage

Pepsi Max – Given the slew of due attention that the Manchester bass and grime scene has been receiving over the past 10+ years, it’s no surprise to see that the city now has a massive eco-system of MCs, producer, DJs and labels who are all repping 0161 with pride. Only recently Bugzy Malone hit #8 in the charts with his new EP, and across dubstep, grime, hip hop and drum & bass there’s a powerful sound which holds nothing back when it comes to making those straight underground bangers!  

In the latest episode of the Pepsi Max project with Noisey, we see Dave Murkage, from the Murkage Cartel follow on from JME in the opening episode to create a mixtape, which works as a soundtrack to summer in their city. As exciting as this challenge actually is, the bigger test is the need to create it from a blank canvas, in just 48 hours! Early mornings, late nights, and a lot of creative juices are flowing, so you’re in for a treat.  

Many artists would probably tell you it is a near impossible task, and crumble under the pressure, which is why Noisey chose respectable names who had the heart to achieve such a feat! In this mini Manchester movie (which was directed by the one and only Mike Skinner of The Streets), Dave Murkage provides some great nuggets of wisdom as he narrates his way through this story, as he reaches out to an ample selection of the city’s most revered artists like DRS, Fallacy, T-Man from LEVELZ and a ton more to complete his challenge.  

Watch as he visits some of the Manny’s most established recording studios and take a peep into the creative process as the clock is ticking, to see how he works with the city’s most respected talent to create seven tracks in 48 hours! And Dave isn’t taking this challenge lightly, as he declares:

“not only is it a personal challenge but I feel like I want to represent the city”. 

In the way Murkage know how to do in their own high energy way, the challenge ends and the tracks are showcased to artists and fans alike, in a banging house party! 

Watch the video below, and make sure you grab a download of the project direct from Noisey. This isn’t the end though! Keep a look out for the final episode in the series coming soon from Oya festival in Oslo.

You may have already seen the Pepsi Max stage at Wireless but if you’re heading to Creamfields in Manchester, make sure you check it out there too!

More info via Noisey.