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OneDa drops inspiring lyric video for ‘Power’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

The BBC Manchester cosigned rapper Oneda has done it again! This time over with ‘Power’, which can only be described as an inspirational song, delivering uplifting and inspiring triumph through dignity and female finesse.

Describing the track, OneDa breaks it down… “Power is all about the strength that comes from having full belief in yourself and your abilities. Trusting and knowing who you truly are and the lack of need for justification by society.” 

A song like Power isn’t one that blends in with trends, as OneDa proudly goes against the superficial grain.

“They need justification, all I need is self-affirmations / They forgot who they are it’s frustrating, Living in fear, creates new complications”

Look out for the forthcoming EP from OneDa and follow her on Instagram.

Stream the single here and watch the lyric video too!