Old Paradice (Confucius MC & Morriarchi) – What Ifs? ft. Blu (Swarvy Remix)

In Hip Hop by Josh Hood

What Ifs? is the second single by UK hip-hop ensemble Old Paradice, taken from their latest EP, ‘Last Resort’. The track features fire guest vocals from LA rap legend Blu, alongside Confucius MC, with Morriarchi dropping classical, dreamy instrumentals. The arrangement style is central to the nostalgic feel of the single, which principally addresses those who dwell on the past. Confucius and Blu wax lyrical on how heartache and regret perpetuate the idolisation of monochrome memories and false familiarity, while halting progression, individual growth and expression. Ultimately, What Ifs? is a call for focus and determined self-development, over stagnation. Instead of cashing out on the past, follow Old Paradice, and take a chance on the future.