Nu Wave hip hop group Nu Godz drop self titled debut EP

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Nu Godz is a group of four emcees based in London, made up of Aimless, Sky God, Keash and Doberman. They just dropped their debut project Nu Godz EP, which was produced by Johnny North.

Nu Godz is nothing short of fresh within their rhyming patterns. From percussive and direct flows to chilled and softly spoken vocals, Nu Godz has produced an EP that is hearty in beat yet distilled in sound.

With a funky neo-soul flavour, the make-up of this EP is a mixture of organic homemade flows to a very authentic and established sound. Possessing an anti-establishment attitude, the band embellishes a religious theme with the metaphorical input of ‘gods’ – conveying a very spiritual personality amongst their craft.

The five-track EP, which includes two videos varies in sound across each track, from relaxed flows to complex rhyming patterns. They introduce flavourful sounds and percussive flows, with early Gorillaz trip-hop vibes in track’s such as Prologue and The Freshest. You can also expect cerebral tracks like Something Introspective and Lonely Nights – and even more casual flows with Toasta.

The London based emcees come together to share their differences, from Aimless’s snappy and funky rhyming patterns to a sleepier melancholic sound in Keash’s diction. The Nu Godz embellish a healthy mix of ‘a chill out and live life’ type of attitude to embracing a conscious awareness of the curveballs that life throws at us.

Their visual elements are simple yet entirely creative, with an urban-makeshift approach giving an effective outcome on screen. They provide that emcee group essence of friendship that has been missing in the rap industry since the early 2000s.

Nu Godz injects a sense of spirituality and conscious awareness in a scene that lacks so much authenticity and far too much delusion.

Stream the project here and below via Spotify