NGHTMRE, Shaquille O'Neal, Lil Jon, BANG, dubstep

NGHTMRE & Shaquille O’Neal connect with Lil Jon for EDM dubstep smash ‘BANG’

In Hip Hop, Other by Nick Russell

A unique collaboration from LA based producer NGHTMRE who’s gone to the studio with NBA legend Shaq (AKA DJ Diesel) and Atlanta icon Lil Jon. The link up came about off the success of NGHTMRE’s and Shaquille O’Neal’s recent back-to-back NYE performance. “I met Shaq for the first time in Las Vegas. He came to one of my sets, and we immediately got along and shared our love for bass music.” says NGHTMRE. “I’ve always played tons of Lil Jon music in my live shows, and now I get to play our own collaboration! Being able to work on music with Lil Jon and Shaq was literally a dream come true for me.”

Turn your speakers up loud, clear the room and feel this song to it’s full potential!