News: Rodigan moved to BBC 1xtra after Kiss ‘marginalize’ reggae.

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Less than two months after 61 year old reggae institution David Rodigan controversially left Kiss 100 as result of the station ‘marginalising’ his weekly show, BBC 1xtra have taken him on, allocating a more respectable Sunday evening slot.

“Reggae was originally played on the streets, not on radio”, and Kiss’s refusal to schedule the only reggae show on their network to a socially accessible time has resulted in this decision. Reggae is worthy of more respect and so are the fans and lovers of this music.”

“A spokeswoman for Kiss announced “We are very sad and disappointed to confirm that David Rodigan has left Kiss after 22 years. We have the utmost love and respect for David both personally and professionally – he leaves with our sincere appreciation and gratitude for all that he has achieved with Kiss. Kiss remains passionate about broadcasting a brilliant cross section of music genres, including reggae, to our audiences across multiple platforms and devices.”

‘Rodi’ will host a prime-time Sunday evening show, starting on February 17 from 7pm-9pm, and will also continue to broadcast on Radio 2. “I am absolutely delighted to be joining BBC Radio 1Xtra where I can share my passion for both new cutting edge reggae and classic cuts, reflecting a genre of music which continues to play a paramount role in urban bass culture music”.