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News: Pioneering grime channel Tim & Barry TV Returns

In Grime by Elliott Nielson

Any true devout lover of grime should, at some point have seen vintage footage from Tim & Barry TV.

The legendary televisual producers, not to be confused with the Chuckle Brothers, are set to roll out their latest freestyle series this week with freestyles from Jammz, Skengdo, Novelist, PK, Mez, Belly Squad & many more.

When Tim&Barry started out in 2000, they captured the grime scene at a very beautiful raw pre-Youtube stage. Their experimental music videos and freestyle videos lay the foundations for how Grime would be viewed for generations.

They’ve shot some of the rarest pieces of Grime history and i’m sure have stories to tell. Yet this article looks to their newest set of freestyles hoping to shine a light on the bright future of the scene.

These new episodes of Tim & Barry’s Grime saga take the classic grime freestyle into 2018 and are shot seamlessly, it’s a welcomed advancement from the nostalgic lo-fi aesthetic they pioneered.

Tim and Barry are releasing the series through a brand new “super-ambitious” community platform called Hubrick.

So if you want to view the new series sign-up for the free content here. 

If you cant be asked here’s some classic content shot by Tim & Barry back in the day!