News: Mobb Deep and Nas to collab on an album?!

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Perhaps the biggest news to hit East coast hip hop for years, as Havoc recently revealed himself and P are to work with Nas, who the Mobb have squashed their long running beef with.

“We’re gonna do a Mobb Deep and Nas album. It hasn’t begun but we tipped the iceberg a little bit with the ‘Dog Sh*t,'” Hav said. “I think as we was working, doing songs back and forth with Nas recently, I think it was just a mutual thought, like, ‘Yo, let’s make a f*cking album.’ Everybody was like, ‘Yeah, that would be dope. F*ck it, what we waiting for? Let’s do it.'”

Hopefully this album will surface, and with crossover dedicated fan bases, this is set to be a beast of an album, should it actually materialize! Between them, they could re-ignite the flame that Queensbridge once had, with countless MCs like AZ, Nature, Infamous Mobb and more repping the largest housing project in USA. Here’s a recent track Nas and Mobb Deep made, with dope production from The Alchemist…