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News: London’s 1st sensory Afrofuturism gig w/ Shumba Maasai, Scott Xylo, DemiGosh and Afronaut Zu – November 7 @ Fold, East London

ancestral futures
Words: Mayfield Ngondonga

Ancestral futures present the first of its kind, live music combined with a full sensory experience, allowing you to travel through the African cosmic realms to literally taste, feel and see the musician’s inspiration, taking on all 5 of your senses, simultaneously creating a musical immersion. Be part of the Afro futurism movement that is being brought to life by artist Shumba Maasai and Emerald Live. The event will be this coming Thursday, November 7 from 7pm- 1am at Fold in East London, Canning Town in a state of the art performance space. 

“We want the event to feel like a taste of their future kingdom where they are completely free accepted beings.” – Shumba Maasai.

The night will include high energy performances from African diaspora musicians with Afro futurism at the heart of their music. Headlining artists include Shumba Maasai, Scott Xylo, DemiGosh and Afronaut Zu. Zimbabwean artist Shumba Maasai plays with the complexity of identity in the diaspora community, lyrically combining the London experience with his Zimbabwean identity, using interjected pieces of spoken word in Shona to juxtapose the mellow flow that represents the UK. Whilst Scott Xlyo a sound master and musical pilgrim bringing back sounds that can only be described as ethereal psychedelic soul. His influence from various artists allow his sound to transcend beyond a musical genre label. DemiGosh uses music to reconnect to his Nigerian Yoruba roots whilst still incorporating his Irish upbringing. By blending two cultures, Demi keeps true to himself and relates to millions of African diasporas facing an identity crisis.  Afronaut Zu has a powerful voice and dynamic energy which he uses to convey themes identity and looking to the future for Africans worldwide has gained him attraction from Spotify, along with collaborations from artists such as Foreign Beggars and Dizzee Rascal.

To event provides a multi-sensory experience including high tech strobe lights and surrounding visuals on huge display screen on top of the 110 db sound system in FOLD’S state of the art venue. The night will also  feature scent curation that embodies the sounds being heard, whilst the temperature of the room is alternating in harmony with the live music. All these elements aim to intensify the musical experience. 

Ancestral Future. Tickets available now at

Artist Links: 

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