News: Beanie Sigel Sentenced To Additional Jail Time For Drug Charges

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Source: Hip Hop DX

Beanie Sigel will face an even longer prison sentence for last year’s drug charges. Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel has been sentenced to additional time in jail for last year’s drug arrest.

According to, Beans was sentenced to an additional six to 23 months in jail stemming from his August 2012 arrest for possession of a controlled substance. The former Roc-a-Fella emcee is currently serving out a sentence for tax evasion.

As DX reported last year, Sigel was arrested for possession of codeine, prescription pills and a small amount of marijuana. Police were tipped off when the car in which Beans was travelling at the time began swerving between lanes and tailgating another car.

During the initial search, police also found a loaded handgun in the center dashboard of the car. Although the gun charges against Sigel were later dropped, the driver of automobile Gerald Andrews was sentenced to two-and-a-half to five years in prison for possession of a firearm. As previously mentioned, Beanie Sigel is currently serving a two year sentence for failing to pay more than $728,000 in federal taxes dating back to 1999.