News: Assassin vs Vybz Kartel

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The on-going alleged war between Agent Sasco aka Assassin and Vybz Kartel still continues as Agent Sasco is set to take 2011 by storm, with the release of his new song “Yuh Madda” which apparently is directed at Vybz Kartel. The conflict between the two was publicised when they both produced “real bad man” tunes a couple of years back, indicating some sort of rivalry.

Sasco doesn’t say Kartel’s name during his new song, so we’re left to put the puzzle together! I wonder how Kartel, who in other reports has been described as the “Bleached DJ with the Devil tattoo”, will take Sasco’s new release. I don’t know about him but that description already would have thrown me off! RUDE!
Source: Urban World