salmonella dub

New Zealand collective Salmonella Dub drop ‘Return to our Kōwhai’

In Drum & Bass by Nick Russell

Veteran Maori New Zealand collective Salmonella Dub have released the title track of their new album following some major setbacks. The song offers an interesting fusion of soulful and mystical vocals over a liquid drum n bass track, complimented by trumpets and a quote from Albert Hoffman’s 100th birthday speech!  The ‘Return to our Kōwhai – video mix’ release had been blocked for the most part of their year, forcing the band to reschedule their next 2 vinyl releases and 22 track digital album! Following a climactic week, where the band’s back catalogue, consisting of 187 songs was unexpectedly removed from all digital stores… Salmonella Dub have no intention of being defeated, and are now using this to springboard their latest release to success!

Aotearoa’s Salmonella Dub was formed in 1992 by Andrew Penman (guitar), Mark Tyler (bass), and Dave Deakins (drums). By 1994, they had released their 18 track debut album and 7 track ‘Dubtomfoolery EP’ and had begun touring Australia! Since then, Salmonella Dub have celebrated an incredible 20 years in music by releasing the ‘Same Home Town’ 12″ EP, followed by the ‘Commercial Grates’ double album for their 25th birthday.

Stream the single here