New visual from London’s Apostle who delivers the ‘Truth’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

An emotive, soulful and honest track from London rapper Apostle, whose new single ‘Truth’ was inspired by the path which he believe God paved out for him. Featuring the enchanting guest vocals from Lara Luu, ‘Truth’ encourages listeners that as long as they have their purpose, everything will then fall into place!

As influenced by the likes of Nipsey Hussle and J Cole, this track which was self produced, is another representation of Apostle‘s musical abilities and will only create a positive impression to attract fans of real lyricism.  Driven by music, and his religion, Apostle stays by his values; “Do not look at what others do and leave what you do to chase money.” Releasing this track in association with collective ‘Freedom Of Choice‘ Apostle has the backing that proves he will become a huge success.

Stream Truth here