lion babe

*NEW VIDEO* Lion Babe, ‘Rockets’ Ft. Moe Moks

In Soul by Cammy Thomas

Dazzling New York duo Lion Babe, comprising of producer Lucas Goodman and sultry singer Jillian Hervey gives us soul-funk on cosmic rainbows with shimmer sun flares, on their newly released single ‘Rockets.’ The production can only be described as delicious swirling spheres of aural psychedelic; orbiting a hazy atmosphere of a sky filled with a multitude of hues. The percussion on the track is low key and luxuriously lazy; and will have you wistfully yearning for white sands preferably viewed from the plush surroundings at cafe Del mar, Ibiza.

The dreamlike quality of the production alludes to some breath-taking imagery; as Lucas, Jillian and featured rapper Moe Moks are seen strolling up to a 24 hour car repair shop in their casual denims. Once they enter the repair shop they are transported via “rockets and spaceships” I presume, to what looks like a futuristic fancy dress party on another planet. You won’t finish this video without concluding your invite must have got lost in the Christmas post. Jillian shines like the star on top of a Christmas tree in a golden spiked bralet and gladiatorial style skirt, Lucas dons striking traditional Japanese attire; which looks like it came off  a haute couture catwalk and Moe Moks dons a Missy Elliot/Batman infused costume.

We see an array of party guests dressed in their glittering best; including an afro adorning woman in a gold leotard stunting confidently on the dance floor; and a beauty pageant winner in aquamarine glides on by which could be a tribute to Jillian Hervery’s mum – Miss America winner and acclaimed actress, Vanessa Williams. Mr. Moks adds spice to the track with his patois tinged verse; containing deliberate pauses in annunciation to compliment the tracks’ laid back vibe. This portion of the video seems to play out as a metaphor, encouraging people to proudly display their inner selves for all to see.

The track then switches up from a lazy day at café Del mar watching windsurfers, to a night time Oceania beach party. A thumping house beat is introduced; and we now have a vocal house mix of the first 3 minutes of the track. The tempo change of ‘Rockets’ also signifies a costume change, as Jillian wears a variation of the gold costume she wore in the first half of the video. Trained dancer Jillian and her dance troupe wear golden fringed bra tops, fringed skirts, fringed pony tails and fringed cuff links (Think Tina Turner’s iconic fringed dress); as they shimmy, shake, twirl and swirl, in what has to be the most glamorous dance sequence of the year. There are booty baring women spray painted different colours dancing in unison in an unabashed celebration of the female form. The video is a visual feast of vivid colour, striking costumes and conceptual art; and I can’t wait to see what Lion Babe come with next!