Blatantly Blunt

New point of view with BRUSK


Brusk is a French artist with a particular approach of spray can works. As with most of the street artists he has his own approach of this art but as a contrast with most of his fellow artists, his imagination tries to be controversial, tries to give us a new point of view on subjects such as McDonald’s, Apple and other global brands. Actually, he tries to make us aware of the consumption society we live in. And I think this is a good thing, because street art is, on the contrary of other forms of art, accessible to anyone.  

NUIT BLANCHE, Halle Freyssinet, PARIS 2014

‘Spraylife’, Lyon 2014

‘DÉFENSE DE S’AFFICHER…’ (‘Forbidden to show off’) LYON Croix-Rousse 2014

Djerbahood 2014

‘Spray is dead’, 2014

‘No Comment’, Lyon 2014


Here are some works he made on a cavas.

‘Selfie’, 146×114, 2014

“Natural born Formated”, 146×114, 2014

‘Candy war’, 90X116, 2014 (Work in Progress)

‘Mal Donne’, 143×114, 2013



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