Meek Mill - YBA

Video: Meek Mill – YBA

In Hip Hop by Miles Warner

New Meek Mill video

Meek Mill has never been one to shy away from the gritty underbelly of street life. Often touching on both the desire and loss that accompany living in the hood, his stories of urban survival are often brutally telling. Given the current discontent with police brutality in the USA, ‘YBA’ is a fitting commentary on the state of the country.

In ‘YBA’, we see Meek effectively playing the role of the big brother. The rapper attempts to guide a younger, more impressionable adult away from the pitfalls of street life. Juxtaposed against scenes of both police violence and black-on-black crime, the video definitely hits its mark.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Meek’s upcoming album ‘Wins and Losses.’