New Dave East video

New Dave East video – Slow Down ft. Jazzy Amra

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Brand new Dave East video

Check out this brand new Dave East video! Powerful messages and advice in this new video from New York MC Dave East’s latest album Kairi Chanel. Just like the title, Slow Down is a call to avoid the dangers of the fast life and stop and think, with East addressing all too common issues such as turning to crime to make ends meet and getting caught up in gang culture.

In the video we see some examples of this following the stories of a young man shot at in a violent street confrontation whilst across town a girl struggles to face up to a suspected pregnancy. All the while East and guest singer Jazzy Amra provide narration: “She’s just a baby but she’s about to have a babySlow downHe can’t afford it so he wanna robHe’d rather trap cause he don’t want a job”. 

For more of Dave East check out the rest of Kairi Chanel here and stand by for upcoming album Paranoia. 

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