lit summer

New album from MdgMaine – Lit Summer

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

In a post covid world, it seems like 2002 gives us the first full summer everyone can enjoy! US rapper MdgMaine releases his brand new album ‘Lit Summer’ to be the soundtrack of the year’s sunny season! The plan was not to just make a Summer banger but a whole playlist to make the nights hotter and the days cooler.

The album’s main vibe is highlighted in its 1st single ‘We Lit’, which is an up-tempo track reminiscent of Three 6 Mafia’s crunk energy and rap styles. The song itself is pure lighter fluid, with the rhythmic chanting and the catchy-as-hell lyrics sure to be a welcomed earworm for the duration of the coming months.

The quintessential ‘Bump This In Yo Ride’ hit that continues the up-tempo vibe from ‘We Lit’ has hard hitting bass and ultra swaggy delivery that makes this song a must listen. If the title doesn’t fully express what the next song is all about, MdgMaine wants to spell it out in plain English; it’s ‘Lit ASF’. This grungy hip-hop track will take you back to the days when you would hit the function with your people ready to make it a night for the books. The rest of the album consists of songs representing the cool side of the Summer and are waiting for his fans to discover.

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