Need For Mirrors

Need For Mirrors – Verve / Berners Street Dub / Blue Go Purple

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Need For Mirrors – Verve / Berners Street Dub / Blue Go Purple

Need For Mirrors is back for his second outing on Texan drum & bass label Warm Communications, which sits in good company in the frighteningly prolific London-based producer’s back catalogue, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Metalheadz, Symmetry and Dispatch Recordings.

It’s fair to say that he’s been around a bit, but that’s certainly not out of desperation – it’s just because through the looking glass in the world of Need For Mirrors the fountain of inspiration never runs dry, and the quality of his output never dips below essential.

Warm Communications have just put out a new EP from Mako.


The earth-shaking bass line on opening track ‘Verve’ swells and dissipates against a backdrop of taught drums which plummet in pitch when they take sudden centre stage in impromptu interludes. Swooping through frequencies with fizzing pads and menacing white noise at one end and none-deeper sub tones at the other, this is a legitimately big track which sets out this EP’s stall on your front lawn and turns the speakers towards your house, reducing it to a quaking pile of dust.

Kicks stumble over themselves in the skipping beat of ‘Berners Street Dub’, which fills out the sound in opposition to a sparse, insistent bass line. Built from the foundations up, the sub establishes itself before first one and then another note spills from the gritty bass synth. The phrase ebbs and flows over the course of the track, its tone lurching from deep and understated to jagged and overpowering but its composition remaining resolutely unchanged as it threatens to pull you under.

Closing track ‘Blue Go Purple’ is probably the least forgiving cut on the EP. Fashioned from pure, jarring noise, chaotic drums surviving sweeping filters to drive an urgently percussive track which plays like a certified roller sharpened into a prison shank. Underpinned by a one-note bass line this is all about the razor-sharp rhythm work, and should under no circumstances be forgotten about because of its placement on the record. Need For Mirrors’ latest release is a relentless three-track onslaught.

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