mykal rose

Mykal Rose (Black Uhuru) releases new single Street’s No More

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

A fresh track from one of the living legends of reggae culture, whose new single ‘Street’s No More’ serves straight up positive vibes! Mykal Rose, who came up as part of Black Uhuru delivers a message of universal hope, whilst denouncing the  injustices many face across society, using his passionate vocals and engaging lyrics. Recorded at the Grammy award-winning singer’s studio in Miami with his son as engineer, ‘Streets No More’ features Leroy Sibbles on Bass, Kingsley Boyd on drums, Donavan Palmer on keyboards and the late Dalton Browne on lead guitar.

Something uplifting, inspiring and melodic from this Jamaican icon, you can listen to more of Mykal Rose via Spotify and Apple Music.