Mxrtlxck’s Top Ten Projects 2018

In Grime, Hip Hop by Mxrtlxck

2018 has been a dope year for UK music. There have been so many big releases, it’s a shame the year had to end! In case you missed any projects that I really rated this year, here are my top ten projects of 2018, in no particular order. It was hard enough reducing the list to just ten! Big up to all the artists that dropped dope music this year even if not mentioned on this list, the UK has repped hard in 2018!

Jay3 – Cold Blooded EP

I think every track bangs and couldn’t pick a top track so picked two. ‘Facts’ and ‘Fuck The World’ always bringing the realest lyrics with a hard delivery, these two tracks just really speak to me. Jay3 is a stand out talent of 2018 within the grime scene and 2019 is expected to be a big one for him.

Nephilim – The Ben Reilly Tape

Another of my top rated projects of 2018 is Nephilim‘s The Ben Reilly Tape. Maybe slightly bias as he’s a homie but I honestly feel this is his strongest work to date, really showing his skills and ability off without any restraints. My favorite track has to be ‘Swift AA’ where Nephilim just lets loose and spits straight flames ‘Cos Im skinny as fuck I ain’t writing a hook for this’ being a personal favourite.

KannaMan – Out The Trap

My boy KannaMan dropped ‘Out The Trap’ this year, aswell as performing at Outlook Festival and, featuring on Wordplay magazine first release produced by Oozhe. This project as a whole is a madness, straight fire on every track! Kannaman shows us that trap is sick when approached in the right manor. With some real lyrics over these beats as well as the energy levels being sky high, but also mellowed when needed, Kannaman is making bigger and bigger moves each year.

Smellington Piff – No Fixed Abode

This album absolutely bangs, was gassed to get to review this one! Smellington Piff brings real life drama to each and every track with some mad dope features. Definitely one of the highlights of 2018 for UK Hip Hop, the title track ‘NFA’ is definitely one of the stand out tracks, but it could easily be each and every track on the album.

Twizzy & Billy Whizz – Old Dog No Tricks

Obviously my boys Twizzy and Billy WhizZ album ‘Old Dog No Tricks’ has to get a mention in this years top ten projects I rated. Twizzy and Billy make the sickest of work forces, with Twizzy’s dope wordplay and flows over the insane production talents of Billy Whizz on the beats this is a real win for hip hop. With the video for ‘Old Flow’ catching some real attention for this deadly duo.

KAO – The Liability Jones Mixtape

Next project of 2018 is Kao’s mixtape ‘Liability Jones’. I cant lie, I hadn’t heard of KAO before I was asked to review the mixtape, but damn this guy is fire. His not so serious personality can be heard throughout the mixtape and is criminally under rated!

Mr Traumatik – Truthertz

Having only recently dropped (December 28th) this project still deserves a mention. The Welsh artist, Mr Traumatik, has a massive fan base across multiple music scenes and his latest project won’t disappoint any of them. Sticking to what his fans know best, the multi dimensional entity educates his listeners further into modern day society.

Chester P – The Post Apocalyptic Story Teller

Many domestic hip hop heads will speak of Taskforce emcee Chester P as the ultimate rapper the UK will ever see. The project he dropped late this year definitely shows why his reputation has only grown and grown since his first solo project ‘From The Ashes’. ‘The Post Apocalyptic Story Teller’ has the dope track ‘The Past’ but my personal favourite track on the project is the collaboration with his nephew, Remus, ‘No-One Makes It Out Alive’.

P Solja – Nah Watch Face

Leeds City veteran P Solja dropped his long awaited ‘Nah Watch Face’ and the levels were as high if not higher than expected from man like P Solja. The battle rap, and grime clash, veteran shows us once again that he can also catch bodies in the booth. The hardest track has to be ‘Hardest Spitter’ without question, it gets me gassed every time I listen!

Syer B & Devlin – Something In The Water

Dagenham’s finest grime kids, Syer B and Devlin, dropped the maddest of projects this year. Devlin sounds like he has fully snapped on every track, going in hard with some intense lyricism, wordplay and energy. Syer comes through as if he hadn’t ever left the scene, taking to the mic naturally with his pure gritty grime flows. The first track ‘Mushrooms’ is grime in its rawest form in 2018, bare gunfingers throughout this project.