Mr. Energy Na Casa

Mr. Energy Na Casa – ‘Life As It Is – The True Story of V – Part 1’

In Afrobeats by Nick Russell

With an uplifting bounce and fresh sounding West African vibes, this new EP ‘Life As It Is – The True Story of V – Part 1‘ from Mr. Energy Na Casa is a great way to see out the last waves of summer 2022.  The Portuguese musician draws the spirit of the gorgeous West African country Cape Verde, which clusters culture unlike any other, combining Afro Beat, Afro Swing with the modern sounds of Ghetto Zouk, Funaná, Passada, Koladera and many more. 

Coming in at five-tracks deep, this project will get you moving, as it draws from an eclectic range of genres and interweaves the Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole and English languages with his mesmerising rhythms and catchy melodies. There is a broad range of themes on this project, with themes of attraction in ‘VEM SO’, love and devotion during ‘KUZA SABI’ and even heartbreak in ‘SONHA – DOR/ DREAM- PAIN’. The latter track is a particular pain point in the singer’s life, inspired by being homeless in North London as a result of family disagreements.
Mr Energy Na Casa also gets intimately personal with a dedicated track to his four children, titled ‘BO ÉH KODÉ’, where he feels a distinct appreciation for them due to what he describes as a “lack of love in his past life”. A particular highlight and hit is ‘WAKANDA FOREVER’, inspired by the Marvel movie ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. The singer addresses experiences throughout the movie, from struggling with the negativity of the outer world, to awakening to love and light and eventual spiritual enlightenment. The song is comparable to hits from the likes Luis Fonsi or J Balvin, with a chorus guaranteed to lift you up, “When we are together The world becomes better Cos love is my superpower“. As an album, ‘Life As It Is – The True Story of V – Part 1’ has a lot to offer, and introduces us to a rising artist brimming with charisma and talent.
His upbringing within one of the toughest ghettos in Portugal left him with a strong devotion to music- after all, it was music that sustained his soul whilst he struggled with the challenges of poverty. His love for Hip-Hop and R&B would coincide with his west African heritage to make his own hypnotic signature sound. This album marks his arrival on the scene, sharing the love and life of this artist, now based in Prague. With a distinct drive to spread his music around the world, Mr. Energy Na Casa hopes to provide “the fuel to take his listeners home and touch their hearts forever”.