Stream: Morriarchi – Buggzville Sessions [album out now!]

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

New Morriarchi album

Listen to the new Morriarchi album here, with features from Blah Records fam including Black Josh, Stinkin Slumrok and also an absolute banger from Blah’s MVP Lee Scott alongside Jehst!

The album is out on June 3rd, with limited edition vinyl available too! Cop this from iTunes or direct from Blah Records.

Track listing:

1. Melancholy BuG

2. Hush Ya Beak (feat. Rox Slicken)

3. Canary (feat. Black Josh & Stinkin Slumrok)

4. Campbell & Algar (feat. Jehst & Lee Scott)

5. Roach Lyfe (feat. Hekla & Joe Dirt)

6. Pimpfunk (Remix) (feat. Bisk)

7. Buggzville (feat. Trellion & Sniff)

8. Lean Lungies (feat. Frost)

9. Flavainherear (feat. Salar, Black Josh & Sleazy F Baby)

10. Kapcha (feat. Danny Lover)

11. Murgh (feat. Sniff , Black Josh & Bill Shakes)

12. Laa La (feat. Sniff, Stinkin Slumrok  & Danny Lover)

13. Fed up (feat. Herrotics)

14. No phone calls (feat. Bisk)

15. Stinky Posse Remix (feat. Children of the Damned)*

*CD Bonus Track