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Mixtape Review: KAO – Liability Jones

In Hip Hop by Mxrtlxck

West London rapper KAO has dropped his brand new mixtape ‘Liability Jones’. This one is for the real hip hop heads and you can clearly hear KAO was inspired by the likes of Redman, Big L and Big Pun; bringing that dope lyrical head nod hip hop! After working hard for years, KAO is stepping out of the shadows to show us all that he’s not one to be over looked.

The mixtape is a solid all-round project with some dope bangers like the hard hitting track ‘Fuggin’ containing solid lyricism over a heavy boom bap instrumental. ‘Bastardtron 5000’ brings a totally different style and vibe to offer from KAO, showing his versatility and professionalism as an artist too. Other tracks worth a mention are ‘Flight School,’ which is a laid back chilled feeling song and is one for the flavour chasers, ‘Say My Name’ that has club banger vibes from start to finish and also ‘Slickjaw,’ another lyrically dope track that bangs.

With his raw passion for music showing in each and every track on this mixtape its rock solid foundation for KAO’s future releases. Keep your eyes pealed for the upcoming video and singles dropping real soon.

A respectable scoring of 4 out of 5 for the debut mixtape ‘Liability Jones’ which is available from May 4th is sure to excite the underground scene, but for now check out his SoundCloud below, he’s been bringing solid music to us and this project is only the beginning.