Mixtape: Prince Greg – Less Than a God 2

In Hip Hop by Alasdair Kennedy

Mixtape: Prince Greg – Less Than a God 2

‘I roll with the punches like I’m boxing in a skating ring’.

Floridian rapper Prince Greg drops punchline after punchline on this new mixtape and accompanying him are some epic instrumentals. Featuring samples from artists as eclectic as Fiona Apple and Eddie Kendricks. This is all layered in bassy 808 percussion.  It’s trap rap taken to another level.

Among my top tracks are ‘Irreversible’ which has a soaring, dusty 70s sample and ‘I’m Me’, in which Prince Greg playfully mixes braggadocio with self-deprecation. Both tracks display Prince Greg’s ability to be both fun and personal at the same time, a rarity amongst upcoming rappers these days.


Stream the full mixtape below.

Prince Greg – Less Than A God 2