Mixtape: Bee109 & Sclass-BrainPlug (Uk Hip Hop Mixtape From ’03)

In Hip Hop by El Cynico URM

Rhymepad Radio did all the old school UK hip hop fans a favour by digging in the vaults for this rare mixtape which features very rare tracks you can’t hear anywhere else as well as some of the best hip hop. Mixed by Bee109 & Sclass (Stakka Lyrics) 

1. Delegates of Culture- “Brainplug intro” (exclusive)2. Phi Life cypher- “Cypher Funk”3. Seanie T, Skeme & Keith Lawrence- “Survival”4 Cee Why & Universal Soldiers- “The Great Escape”5. Nextmen & Rodney – “Hear what i say”6. Hoodz Underground, Shadowless, Outdaville, Moorish Delta-“Where Ya From”7. Kyza, Jehst & Klashnekoff- “Night Breed”8. Jnr Disprol, Turroe & Bulletproof Monk- “Snuff Action” (Exclusive)9. Mud Family- “Fuck a concept”/NORE “Nothin”(Sclass mash up)10. Compound Profound- “Untitled” (Exclusive)11. Word Association- “Wise Up” (Exclusive012. Klashnekoff- “Murder”13. Farma G, Jehst,Skriblah & Sundragon- “Seeing Red”14. Delegates of Culture & The Untold- “IDNABU” (Exclusive)15. Wolftown Commitee- “Boxed”16. Mystro & Keith Lawrence- “Step by step”17. Skuff- “Avertion Therapy” (Exclusive)18. Dark Circle- “Bleak Midwinter”19. Hoodee & Koastee- “Slug Life Anthem”20. Rigid Literature- “The way it has to be” (Exclusive)21. Task force & Phi life Cypher- ” Little Miss Waterworks”22. Dan Shaw (R.I.P) & Inja- “waterfalls” (Exclusive)