Mix: DJ Matman’s Cypress Hill 25th anniversary mixtape

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Mix: DJ Matman’s Cypress Hill 25th anniversary mixtape

To celebrate 25 years since the launch of Cypress Hill iconic self titled album, DJ Matman drops this dope new mix which is a collab. With Who Sampled and Wax Poetics and featuring album cuts, alternative versions, original samples. And a couple of his own re-edits Take a listen and check the tracklisting below!


01. Village Callers – ‘Hector’ (Sampled in ‘The Funky Cypress Hill Shit’)
02. CH– ‘The Funky Cypress Hill Shit’
03. The Bar Kays – ‘Humpin’ (Sampled in ‘Real Estate’)
04. Tony Alvon & The Belairs – ‘Sexy Coffee Pot’ (Sampled in ‘Real Estate’)
05. CH – ‘Real Estate’
06. Booker T. & The MG’s – ‘Boot-Leg’ (Sampled in ‘Born To Get Busy’)
07. CH – ‘Born To Get Busy’
08. Lowell Fulson – ‘Tramp’ [Matman’s Killa Man Remix] (Sampled in ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’)
09. CH – ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’
10. CH – ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’ (Blunted Remix)
11. Curtis Mayfield – ‘Future Shock’ (Sampled in ‘Something for the Blunted’)
12. George Benson & Harlem Underground Band – ‘Smokin’ Cheeba Cheeba’(Sampled in ‘Something for the Blunted’)
13. CH – ‘Something For The Blunted’
14. Grant Green – ‘Down Here On The Ground’ (Sampled in ‘Stoned Is The Way of the Walk’)
15. Jack Margolis – ‘Creativity’
16. CH – ‘Stoned Is the Way of the Walk’
17. CH – ‘Stoned Is the Way of the Walk’ (Reprise)
18. Muddy Waters – ‘Tom Cat’ (Sampled in ‘Ultraviolet Dreams’)
19. CH – ‘Ultraviolet Dreams’
20. Chuck Cornish – ‘Ali Funky Thing’ (Sampled in ‘Pigs’)
21. CH – ‘Pigs’

Part 2

22. The Pazant Brothers – ‘A Gritty Nitty’ (Sampled in ‘Latin Lingo’)
23. CH– ‘Latin Lingo’
24. CH – ‘Latin Lingo’ (Prince Paul Mix)
25. The Meters – ‘Look-Ka Py Py’ (Sampled in ‘The Phuncky Feel One’)
26. The J.B.’s – ‘La Di Da La Di Day’ [Matman’s Phuncky Remix] (Sampled in ‘The Phuncky Feel One’)
27. CH – ‘The Phuncky Feel One’
28. Fred Wesley and The J.B.’s – ‘More Peas’ (Sampled in ‘The Phuncky Feel One’)
29. Kool And The Gang – ‘Good Times’ (Sampled in ‘Light Another’)
30. CH – ‘Light Another’
31. Gene Chandler – ‘Duke Of Earl’ (Sampled in ‘Hand On The Pump’)
32. CH – ‘Hand On The Pump’
33, CH – ‘Hand On The Pump’ (Muggs Blunted Mix)
34. Jimmy McGriff – ‘The Bird’ (Sampled in ‘Hole In The Head’)
35. CH – ‘Hole In The Head’
36. John Roberts – ‘Sophisticated Funk’ (Sampled in ‘Tres Equis’)
37. CH – ‘Tres Equis’
38. Willie Hutch – ‘Foxy Lady’ (Sampled in ‘Psychobetabuckdown’)
39. CH – ‘Psycobetabuckdown’
40. Grand Wizard Theodore – ‘Military Cut’ (Sampled in ‘Break It Up’)
41. CH  – ‘Break It Up’
42. Jack Margolis – ‘History Of Mariijuana’ (Sampled in ‘Born to Get Busy’)