MistaJam Jampacked at XOYO: Gig Review

In Grime by Elliott Nielson

MistaJam Jampacked at XOYO: Gig Review

Radio 1 DJ Mistajam Jampacked tour returned to XOYO with the some of grime’s hottest MCs steaming the cypher.

As people, mostly male, ages 18-25, entered the dungeon that is XOYO, a bass witch was laying some deep, techy b-line rollers to get things brewing. Reprezent FM’s DJ Dobby came in hard with the some of those bass liners, she can play for a stage anywhere, it had that quality.

Being the only woman in the basement, let alone the set list could have been daunting but Dobby didn’t seem challenged and along with all her two-steppers in the crowd, she seemed to have the most enjoyment out of anyone performing, she’s one to listen for on the airwaves.

From then on it was like a Grime chocolate box. Logan Sama came through in his authentic pirate-wave style. Big bars, big beats, causing mass gun fingers; you’d expect nothing else from Sama.

That’s why everyone lost their sh!t when YGG came on at the end of his set. The trio of PK, Saint P and Lyrical Strally were on straight grime mode. Might sound obvious, but the blacked-out trio hopped over beats quickly and passed round the ball so efficiently it felt like I’d seen an hour show in 5 minutes. Very talented MCs: Logan Sama doing what he always does in bringing through the new.

P-Money. Woi. Energy. “You might see gun fingers when I come in the place I like”.

So, imagine the grime box of chocolates. You’re done with the first half, you’ve tasted the new ones (YGG & Dobby), munched down on the stuff you know and love (Sama). You pull that thin polymer tray thing out – dash it on the floor – preeing the goods left below. You check the box to find out what the new additions are. The box (set list) says jack, but the stage is packed.

P-Money could hardly move as he was forced front stage by everyone else on it. But the buzz couldn’t stop man unleashing bars upon bars to a crowd that was genuinely gassed by this spectacle of many sweaty MCs on stage.

Those chewy additions that appeared when P-Money did were Jammz and Big Zuu. The ferocity these people can rap would actually cause concern if you didn’t know what they were talking about. It resembles someone in a theatre performance, performing monologues as a schizophrenic maniac – all with the art of rhyme. It’s not a far fetched resemblance because Zuu and Jammz really are animated, or ‘animalised’ when they put on a show. You’ll see the entire emotional spectrum from their faces if you watch them live, it’s the real deal. None of the closed eyes, reciting my lines face, they’re alive when they’re on the microphone.

As P-Money’s set began to tail off and people left the stage, attention seemed to lose its grip. He called four ollie-ollie’s just to see if people were actually inside the place. His energy didn’t seem to tail-off and a grilled smile left the stage.

It was exhilaratingly tiring. MistaJam made sure the treadmill from Money’s set was still running. And for a good hour the vibe was still truly in the ride, people moving here and there, gun fingers still ablaze. If anything the ride was going too fast for most people and at 2-3am people began dropping off, not of distaste, but pure exhaustion.

Now the last Jampacked last month, saw wall to wall skanking and the “liveliest party this year so far. Unfortunately I wasn’t at the first, so I can’t compare the two.

Regardless I can assure you, MistaJam manifests mad events and if the pack were anything it would be loud.

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