Don’t Tempt Me Mic lowry artwork

Mic Lowry – Don’t Tempt Me

In Other by Rianne Cole

The R&B quintet straight out of Liverpool have synced together to create a successful run in the past couple of years,  supporting Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour and have since continued to create soulful music.

With their second EP released on the 18th October,  ‘Mood’ will have seven brand new songs that will show variety within the records by having a mixture of hip hop, soul, funk and even garage, including ‘Don’t Tempt Me’, a beautiful track written by Justin Gray the group captured the lyrics and the mood perfectly. The record is expressing love for ladies while explaining how they should be treated.

Relating to the new project, Ben Sharples said that “on this EP we’ve tried our best to be real, MOOD is us as we are now, a bunch of Liverpool lads trying to work out where we fit into the world and having as much fun as we can while we’re at it.”

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