saiint pat

Memphis artist Saiint Pat drops new EP ‘Face Your Fears’

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Memphis, Tennesee artist Saiint Pat has just dropped his latest EP, which is mainly built from freestyles. ‘Face Your Fears’ showcases his versatility, and whilst rapping over some bassy trap beats, he offers a solid insight into his personality and hard hitting rap style.

This EP perfectly captures the raw energy and spontaneity of the studio and vocal booth, exhibiting that pivotal moment when changes have to be made and the only choice is to be brave! Already amassing nearly half a million streams on YouTube for past releases,  Saiint Pat is claiming the rapper lifestyle as his own.

Always keeping his sound raw and authentic, Saiint Pat has come a long way from making music in his bedroom with a $30 mic. Influenced by Tupac, Chief Keef and 50 Cent, Saiint Pat draws out the classic sound of rap, whilst carving out his own new lane.

Stream the EP here and watch the video for Come Thru below!