Manchester’s Jude the Obscure brings soulful jazz and uplifting lyrics in ‘Chapter 8’

In Hip Hop, Other by Nick Russell

Manchester’s favourite emerging neo jazz star Jude the Obscure is back with an uplifting single titled ‘Chapter 8’.  He brings a whole heap of dope lyrics packed full of that uplifting wisdom, delivered over a classy and dynamic jazzy beat. This is a great fusion of sounds and cultures, and a welcome change from what is trending!

‘Chapter 8’ follows introductory ‘Strong Enough’. Speaking on this track he says “Chapter 8 is a feel-good number, shedding the weight of hardships and social disillusion in favour of a more light-hearted take on life. Chapter 8 reinforces the importance of keeping your head above water and overcoming personal struggles, but at the same time reminds us of the need for balance – don’t burn yourself out chasing whatever goal you’re trying to attain. Make sure you chill out every once in a while, live a little and take time to recharge.” – Jude the Obscure