black josh

Manchesters Black Josh Drops Hottest LP With Heartbreak Hostel.

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Manchester artist Black Josh released his brand new LP Heartbreak Hostel on the 29th of October 2021 with BLAH records. 

From angsty and menacing beats to lucid lofi and smooth RnB, Black Josh takes on a character that knows how to diversify his thoughts, feelings and desires through his musical craft. 

The 15 track LP opens up with the title track alluding to smooth hip-hop lo-fi jazz café vibes, along with tracks Day Ones and Wants The Sun –  both adopting smooth RnB hip-hop and lucid stoner jazz trip-hop. Embodying similarities to ASAP Rocky in vocal pattern and early Gorillaz in beat, Black Josh knows just when to speed it up and when to slow it straight back down again. 

Scattered throughout the album but more so towards the end, we hear tracks such as Get Meh, In The Bits, Cult Sag Pt 3 and Black Airforce is when the rapper alternative streak becomes fully apparent. With angsty and menacing flows and hard greezy beats, Black Josh makes a great deal of effort to show that he knows how to be a softie but also knows how to show that he’s not one to mess with.

With a neon drive-thru aesthetic, an early 2000s RnB undertone and an overall alternative trap rap sound, Black Josh is nothing short of a versatile example of today’s modern hip-hop. Manchester has its work cut out to match Black Josh’s levels.