Mako – Do You Feel The Same / All We Can Do / Too Broke To Get It

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Mako – Do You Feel The Same / All We Can Do / Too Broke To Get It

Mako calibre as a producer has never been in doubt, and with his latest release – out now on Warm Recordings – it seems that his confidence in the studio is also sky high. Tapping into the same vein of gritty sonic storytelling as Burial, the Bristolian producer covers a remarkable amount of ground over three tracks which use almost random fragments of speech to inform the whole feel and mood of the music.

‘Do You Feel The Same’ / ‘All We Can Do’ / ‘Too Broke To Get It’

The intricately-crafted EP pivots on the words “I don’t love you anymore” in the explosive opener ‘Do You Feel The Same’, where immense crashing percussion forms a devastatingly powerful bassline which captures the destructive energy of the vocal sample and provides a striking counterbalance to the moments of calm, sweeping pads which are interspersed throughout the track.

Similar pads are all over the moody second track ‘All We Can Do’, which marches along on a kick drum surrounded by omnipresent bass swells and minimal percussion. The mood darkens as it progresses, with grains of dirt entering the low frequencies following another fraught sample in what becomes a tense reprise of ‘Do You Feel The Same’.

Closer ‘Too Broke To Get It’ is shot through with a reflective male voice vowing to “start a new life” and returns to the snare-less rumbling of ‘All We Can Do’ while the bass nosedives towards the sub region on a track delicately poised between brooding an optimistic.

Mako has put out a hat-trick of tracks which evolve and progress as they move – not listening to them in their entirety is a wasted opportunity. Check out some of the year’s most forward-thinking drum & bass below or buy on vinyl, or grab the download from Beatport.

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