Review: M.anifest – Nowhere Cool

In Hip Hop by Kweku Ackom-Mensah

Review: M.anifest – Nowhere Cool

Based on the range of rhythms alone, this is worth a listen for anyone that hasn’t previously been introduced to Ghanaian music. My own limited knowledge means that some of the instrumentals (particularly the talking drum at the beginning of track 2 ‘Invisible’) point my mind back to Bessa Simmons, purveyor of old school Ghanaian party anthems. If that seemed cryptic, it was a massive compliment.

Flipping between Twi and English with a semi-American accent, and firing off cross cultural references for fun, M.anifest’s rhyming schemes and flow and are not something that you hear every day, or even every year.

There’s some shout outs to BBK on track 3 that make me think that M.anifest’s uniquely African bars could at some point find their way over some grime beats, which can only be a good thing.
Whilst the single ‘Cupid’s Crooked Brow’ has the video production, an amazing Macy Grey-esque vocal from Nomisupasca and seems to be receiving the bigger push, for me it was outshone by title track ‘Nowhere cool’ and the fast paced ‘Hand dey go’.

All in all this is a really good listen, an interesting album with a lot going for it. Give it a look and watch out for M.anifest, I reckon he has a lot to offer, and the live performance is going to pop off.

Track Listing

  1. Nowhere Cool
  2. Invisible
  3. B.E.A.R
  4. Hand Dey Go ft. Worlasi
  5. Rich People Problems ft. Tumi Molekane
  6. Palm Wine & Whisky ft. Dex Kwasi
  7. Sugar ft. Brymo
  8. Cupid’s Crooked Bow ft. Nomisupasta
  9. Simple Love
  10. Ozymandias ft. Paapa
  11. Damn You rafiki
  12. Time No Dey ft. Worlasi
  13. Now Here Cool ft. Cina Soul & Ama Ata Aidoo
  14. Goodbye ft. Brymo