Varnell Hill, parkour

Lyric Video: Varnell Hill – Freerun. Parkour.

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

It’s rare for rappers to be able to conjure up original song concepts in 2020, but that’s not the case on ‘Freerun. Parkour’ from LA based Varnell Hill who’s also a producer, songwriter, designer, and shoe designer. His lyrical content comes  across were really vivid which made the song more enjoyable. The flow patterns felt as dynamic as parkour and the song overall was dope! Speaking around the context of this track, Varnell said “I dedicated a decade plus to the sport of Freerunning/Parkour through my creative works…from designing clothes to designing the first signature parkour shoe…I wanted to give the world and the parkour community a song that represented the lifestyle in which we live…from jumping off roofs to hurting our body…this song is a dedication.”