Lynx – Vault 1

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Lynx – Vault 1

Ten years spent at the heart of the drum & bass scene has given Lynx the sort of widescreen perspective on the genre most people would need a satellite to see. And on Vault 1 – a collection of unreleased and unheard tracks from Lynx’s hard drive. Making it the best result from a spot of housekeeping, ever – almost every corner is represented, every flag flown.

The record throws together an explosive mix of collaborations with the likes of DRS, Calibre, Kemo and Hellrazor and solo cuts to show the full rotational power of the Portsmouth-born producer. From the murky depths of opener ‘2nd Floor’ to the soaring heights of ‘Out of Control’, the breadth of sounds on offer is genuinely impressive, showing not a fad-following flash in the pan but a true musician who’s grasp of the genre is nothing short of terrifying.

Lynx has had tracks put out by Ram Records, Hospital Records, Digital Soundboy and more, ranging from perfectly weighted liquid to something altogether tougher – all sounds are on display on Vault 1. Here’s to another ten years, and in the meantime check out all 14 tracks below…

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