Lupe Fiasco Scoops Up Success on ‘Autoboto’ Amid Launch of ‘Drill Music In Zion’ Album

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Chicago’s Lupe Fiasco dropped his forthcoming album Drill Music In Zion, his first since 2018, on the 24th of June, following the release of his single lead Autoboto featuring Nayirah. The rapper first rose to fame in 2006 and has come a long way since.

Autoboto embodies an intricate and percussive flow on a smooth and silky beat, establishing his new and improved success. Clout, cars, Carreras and collaborations – Lupe Fiasco is ‘feeling like a Porsche’ and tells the story of how he conquered and climaxed.

While grime and drill express the stress, struggles and strife that life throws at us, Fiasco is nothing short of learning how to live in the moment with Autoboto. Lupe Fiasco is exceptional at focusing on the positive aspects of moving up, out and rebooting all over again.

The video captures a neon aesthetic with a cityscape Tokyo drift movie type of visual, accompanied by Nayirah’s velvety vocal polishing off the last verse in the song effortlessly. Autoboto is a song that encompasses the result of hard work – A track that looks to the future and celebrates it, rather than digging up the past struggles.

You can stream Autoboto on Apple Music and Spotify and watch the music video on Youtube below.