Lunice partners up with Lexus for NX illuminated

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Lunice partners up with Lexus for NX illuminated

Montreal based music producer and DJ, Lunice has linked up with car brand Lexus to bring a fresh sounding and distinctive video. It shows off the creative edge of the ‘NX’, which is Lexus’ first entry into the premium mid-size SUV vehicle segment of the industry, which was unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show!

Lunice, who forms one half of the highly rated duo TNGHT spoke on his partnership with the Japanese manufacturer “For me, for a company like Lexus to take the time to be involved in it.. that to me is the future.” (Lunice on partnering up with Lexus for NX-Illuminated)

In the innovative music video for the instrumental track ‘Can’t Wait To’, which can be watched below, the creative collective Lucky Me have created an ‘illuminated universe’. This ambitious project was brought to life with a number of visual projections beamed onto some undulating sails, and was, along with the dance moves inspired by the distinctive lighting og the Lexus NX. It all forms part of an exciting new project ‘NX-Illuminated, part of a digital art exhibit called NX-Perspectives, which shows of the new vehicle’s sharp and distinctive lighting, presented using powerful beams of light. These do a unique job of mirroring the sharp lines found in the headlights of the NX!

As far as music videos and car commercials go, this is undoubtedly something you can’t compare with anything done previously! Once you’ve seen the video head over to the NX Perspectives Site!

This post was sponsored by Lexus.