Los Angeles rapper LATASHÁ tells us ‘WHO I AM’ in impressive new video

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Confident and sassy, ‘Who I Am’ shows LATASHÁ‘s got her own mind set, and not trying to replicate what’s hot in 2020. The song works as a redemption in reclaiming herself. Fusing different music styles, the unorthodox eclectic electronic hip hop production keeps the listener engaged and the lyrics are a great intro to what LATASHÁ is all about, with a very contemporary feeling throughout!
Speaking of the context behind the song, LATASHÁ says “I’m ready to bring the world into my dreams.  I’ve been doing for a while now on my own, have had many wins and failures, deaths and rebirths, but now this is really Who I am. “WHO I AM” is just the beginning of diving you into the worlds of my mind.”
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